Cam Newton’s partner, Shakia Proctor

Shakia Proctor was born on 16 October of 1988, in the state of Virginia in the United States of America, she used to be a stripper, now she is a model, andpossiblyis best known for being the longtime companion to professional American Football quarterback Cameron Newton, NFL Carolina Panthers player. They have been together since the year of2013. As of today, sources asses that her net worth is of three hundred thousand American dollars. She has earned some money from her modeling and stripper gigs, and, of course, her association with her partner, Cam Newton, has increased her wealth somehow. Shakia Proctor grew up and was raised in the Maryland and Virginia state area, and was fairly out of the public spotlight for the majority of her life. Once she started working as a stripper she went about under the name of Hazel and was working at a famous strip, the Washington DC Stadium. At the same time, she started hosting parties in Atlanta becoming a well known local celebrity.

Several media outlets confirmed that Cameron Newton was in a relationship with Shakia Proctor in 2013, as they were spottedwith each other at the Kentucky Derby. The pairsustained making public appearances together, like during the NFL Honors presentation of 2014. Many media channels would later ratify that the pair met when the quarterback visited the strip club she was working in earlier that year. While they are not married yet, they have two children together, plus one from one of her previous relationships.
Proctor is known to be always active on social media viaInstagram, on which she showsplenty of family pictures. She also has continued to do some photo shoots, nevertheless typically with her family.After her work, Shakia mainly focuses on her responsibilities as a mother, as her family has established in the state of Georgia, more specifically Atlanta. And during her spare time, asides of posting pictures on Instagram and other social media outlets, she has declared to be a fan of car racing. If you want to know more about Shakia, just visit us at