How to get a Hotmail sign in with a new Hotmail account?

Having an log in Hotmail (iniciar sesion Hotmail) can help you receive emails from distances. Are you someone who doesn’t have a Hotmail account? Are you thinking about to get one? Well, if that is what you are thinking, it is high time you should get one.

How to get a Hotmail account?
To enjoy the benefits of a Hotmail, sign in you need to get a Hotmail account. Here are few steps that can facilitate your journey to get the same –
1. The first step to get the Hotmail account is to browse for the Microsoft website.
2. After you are done with that, you need to click on an option that says “create account”.
3. Then, you need to create an email address for your account. Make sure to select an address that is easy and decent.
4. After you are done with it. You will be asked to create a password for your ID. Create a password that is not easily hacked.
5. Now, enter the username that you want for your ID. You will be asked for your first name and the last name.

6. Next, you would be asked to select your country or your region. Make sure you select the right one.
7. You would next be asked to provide the details about your birth.
8. Lastly, you would receive a verification code that you would have to entre for a final lot of information.
After you are done with these steps for Hotmail iniciar, you are good to go and enjoy the benefits of having a Hotmail account. Apart from all this, you must make sure that the information provided by you is correct or the information that you provide is exactly how you want it to be.