Hungry Shark World: Strategy Guide

Whilst this game is not overly complex and is more of only a fun filled time waster than a tactical, believed processing enigma, there are hungry shark world cheats which will help you play longer and to enjoy more!
First before venturing off to the deep unknown of all, use the waters that are shallow, earn just as much gold and XP as possible, fill your abdomen after which go investigating.

For lower level sharks, it might be better to just hold off and buy a shark that is bigger than to update your existing. Following on from those two, let us have a look in the top 5 that is next!
Eat Eat Eat!
Being the name of the game and easy as it might seem, this can be definitely the number one strategy to get ahead. Eat as much and often as you possibly can! Make use of schools of fish to go right into a feeding frenzy and eat them all! Then the multiplier bonus function is activated, if players may manage to consume each and every fish in just a special school and XP and higher stages may be obtained.
Go for Gold!
Gold enables players to get other helpful things which help in levelling upwards quicker as well as maps. So, make people and all gold creatures your main goal! A bonus coin is going to be given by eating these dazzling attractiveness. The more fish you consume in rapid sequence additionally lifts your “Gold Rush” meter in the underparts of the display. Each time it reaching total capability a fresh golden creature will seem together with activating the “Gold Rush” attribute in which all creatures will turn gold to get a short amount of time.
For obtaining gold, other methods are to eat green jars or cash that might be findd there or here. Lastly make certain to assess as additional bonuses can quickly be got and finish the day-to-day assignments!
Evade Your Enemies!
Hungry Shark World not only includes eating but also not being eaten! Exactly the same size sharks as themselves but nothing bigger can be eaten by sharks. The like and jellyfish also include toxic stingers that may massively make an impact on your health meter. Not to mention as stated before, beware of hunters mines and also the such!