It is not heavy but light and efficient Dry Trimming Machine

Kairos is a leading leading boutique publicity and also marketing agency and recently they have come out with their new Commercial Trimming Machine . Unlike some other trimming machine in the market that use a clothing dryer like “tumbler” which can be very bad for the plants as it destroys the trichrome, terpenes and crumbles the plants into pieces , this dry trimming machine gently pushes the particular bud onto the spinner. Trust me this feels therefore satisfying to see the vegetation being forced onto the content spinner. You can nearly feel the butterfly within the stomach.

In another way, Kairos Bud Trimming Machine has a unique brush system. It provides easy for the pals to roll at the wanted speed. This bud trimmer also has a highly gradable polymer bottom blade. This particular innovative thought has made the machine perfect during operation when compared with other steel on metallic blade techniques. More, the polymer steel blade causes it to be more difficult for particles to stay onto it therefore it can stop product build-up, causing smoother run and less upkeep needed for cleaning. More, the actual polymer metallic blade causes it to be more difficult regarding particles to stay onto it to prevent product build-up.

Last but not least, Kairos bud trimmer has a outstanding and best blade design. The thing is to develop an innovative knife designs, making use of cutting edge technology. The important portion about this style is the bevel cut blades smoothly like a hot chef’s knife through butter. Do not concern yourself because it doesn’t candidly smashing your product. This clipper is also an easy task to be cleaned. You only will need around A couple of minutes to be able to overall clean the trimmer. It is very different than any other clipper which usually will take around 30 minutes to complete cleaning. Kairos technical engineers have really done a great job to make the bud trimmer cleansing times beneath 2 min’s. Kairos bud trimming machine is the most recent and superior trimming machine ever made in the market today.