One Stop Solution to your Hosting and Server needs

Today we are living in the e-world, where everything is possible in just one click. Computing and internet has become a vital part o our existence. Through the electronic services one can connect to his near ones, does all banking transactions instantly, apply for other eservices quickly and anytime. Hence, the computing and this software are playing a great role in the today’s life. Getting a cheap dedicated vps is really a challenge itself. But STRAD solution is the place where one can find all this at reasonable and competitive prices. The organization provides many services to its customers Such as control panel tools, power and storage devices, dedicated hardware, legacy SATA drives, etc

STRAD Solutions provides solution to all your hardware and software related problems. The company owns a cloud vps which provide many services such as scalability of computation and storage, backups, integrated web hosting, control panel tools, dedicated hardware including faster SSD and legacy SATA services. The company aims to provide its user cheap and dedicated vps. The company also caters to provide you windows vps, cloud vps, ssdvps, etc. The company has set higher benchmarks in the industry to provide highest level of performance compliance needs in a custom built architecture. The company hosts its servers in India and US to provide the customers with greater control and access to services. The user can access all the required information, server resources, and horse power that are important for the website.
STRAD solution is the place, if you need any of the vps or other software and hardware related resources. Proper are to the security mechanism is ensured at all the data centers. For the security purposes data centers are well equipped with spy devices, fire detection, bio metric access to staff, etc. To conclude a person can totally rely on services and its dedicated servers.