Sheer Guard Transparent Security Gates and Burglar Bars

The fear of robbery is increasing among individuals in every place all over the world. Thus each and every person is trying to keep their family secure by installing SheerGuard SAsecurity gates and burglar bars, as these not only offer strength and safety but also it enhances beauty. SheerGuard offers a variety of products for security reasons such as clear burglar bars which are installed on windows and security gates that are clear, strong and also safe to prevent burglars.

The SheerGuard security gates are made of steel frame and are available in both sliding and swing options. These security gates are designed in such a way to enhance the living space and to add an elegant touch to the entrance of home or office. These gates are fitted by the experts of either SheerGuardMaxi Guard or by the SheerGuardDecoGuard. The clear burglar bars and the security gates are installed by different methods and are prepared with the aim of complete protection to your windows and doors. Thus, one should install both in order to have complete security and safety.
The security door tracks and the channels include the Dutch bends providing 180 Degree folding for strength, paint adhesion and also resistance to the corrosion. The products have zinc coating which will reduce the effects of rusting and further they are coated with pure polyester powder coating. The powders have good impact strength, excellent durability, good adhesion, flexibility, resistant to weather and protecting the corrosion. Thus these additional features of the security gates ensure superior product appearance and feel.
The security gates being clear have barrier design to suit taste and preferences. The team consists of experts who have experience in fitting all kinds of security gates and burglar bars and have gained the faith and trust of the customers and made them secure.
Thus, after installing the security gates and burglar bars protection you can have that extra layer of security and open the windows.
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