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The Developers behind the jui residences

The jui residences is one of the best and locally acclaimed residences in Singapore, known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, especially from the fact that it bothers around the kallang rivers. The word “Jui” came to be due to the fact that the very popular and widely distributed soda company has had its manufacturing plant in that location for a long time. “Soda” which is called “Bok jui’ also known as soft drinks, gave the idea to have the name “jui” which just means “water”. The jui residence; therefore is built with the historical background of having the historical soda company preserved as a monumental structure by the side of its condos and showflats.

The jui residence is well located in the boon jeng area just along the beautiful and aesthetic kallang river. This area is a high value area as it is located on the river front and therefore is a city center location and also highly priced by all because of its quality. The coast makes it easy for you to enjoy the river front and have an opportunity of also owning a residence in a location that would always be highly priced.

The developers of this project have being in existence since the early 1980’s and its known for state of the art development projects in areas that are of good quality to deliver the kind of comfort that every modern and high class individual would wish for. They are known to have started and sold out other developmental projects. The company has long being in business some decades before this time but finally decide to diversify and go into real estate development. With so many awards won today because of the excellent work in the real estate development sector with works like jui residences. Every work done by the SDB only speaks of their high standing reputation.

Comparison of floor plans for pricing

Building your abode nearby the sea is a dream for everybody. Renting them on vacations or staying with your loved ones and enjoying the sea waves have been the favourite past times for everyone who stays beside the sea. But building your own house is not that easy. The foremost factor in building the same is Seaside Residences Price they are not easy to purchase and if do manage to that the maintenance cost is quite high. Anyways dreams don’t have a cost intact.

Choosing the Style that Suits you
One quick glance at the staggering array of seaside residences plans, and you would know that there’s a master plan for every dream house built. These home plans could range from Mediterranean, Italian, Greek or French seaside plans; traditional, country or contemporary house plans, and even waterfront, log, farmhouse or beach house plans.

Allow our highly qualified team of architects and designers to step in and design your seaside residences, if you have a specific plan in mind. Seaside Residences Showflat is a unique concept coming today and can be explored if you really want to have a studio apartment for your family. All this and more done, well within the building code guidelines of your locality. If you do not find anything that impresses the connoisseur in you, you can still have a variety of inimitable and cost effective custom floor plans to choose from. All it takes is a few mouse clicks on the mouse to access the site of home plans where a number of floor plans designed by some of the best architects, await to be yours. So do take a test plan first of all and compare the pricing of various architects and then go for it, do not go for the first one you pick.