The ONT Airdrop, the 2018 event that everyone expects.

The actual ONT Coin is a project developed by the makers of the Wise Economy platform regarding NEO and Onchain, a company dedicated to the research, advancement and operation regarding blockchain in The far east, and who have extensive experience in the appearance of solutions for financial institutions and funds firms and others, reason why the particular Ontology Network is shaping up as an overall total success.

Ontology NEO offers such a fantastic potential it aspires to get an important player in the application protocol and create trustworthy ecosystems with technologies compatible with public block chains, which offers the possibility of customizing networks for different reasons and applications. Probably the most important aspects of their technology is it serves as a liaison point to interconnect a number of major, personal and public books that are flawlessly interoperable and capable of cross-chain integrations along with other blockchain projects in the world.
This driven project inside the blockchain space handles one of the most essential problems in the world of cryptography, such as have confidence in, with a group that understands that it is essential to create a framework of trust to satisfy the stress of different nations and industries, enabling that a variety of regulatory environments and companies develop in such a way that parties can interconnect their info comfortably.
Ontology has got the clear aim of addressing the actual trust issues that currently hamper the extensive acceptance and integration of blockchain technologies.
On the web, there are lots of pages in which tell you about what is the actual Ontology Network, yet at we tell you and we guide you with easy links regarding Token ONT, getting Ontology Coin Purse. You will discover clear drawings of how different modules and layers of ONT NEO ought to work together, and furthermore on a number of other topics and cryptocurrencies.
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