Top door stoppers available in the market?

1. Hedgehog door stop
This type of door stops is considered the most important element in the house. Most of them differ from each other with features and designs that will set your house to its full potential.

2. Owl door stop
Basically, the owl door stopper is a funny tool. Can even entertain your guest when placed on the entrance door because of its funny Design and decorated. It is built with a decorated pattern, colored like an owl with a well-arranged pattern fabric. This design can be funny sometimes considering most of it being a handmade tool. Works best on kids room.
3. Dora design for doorstops
This door stopper can be a little old pile of books. But recently no in vogue anymore because people have started asking themselves: why using an interactive solution as a stopper while you can easily order an attractive stopper online. Thereby keeping you door open with a little design stopper with different design style.
4. The Hurley door stops
According to this door stop design which show a complete vintage style of design. Some people prefer this than others for their own reason. You can attach this at the end of your door stop with its design of animals and flowers creating an attractive view.
5. Funky door stopper
These stoppers comprise of more than one style of design being a very functional door stopper. Although the design may vary depending on the element use for interior decoration.
6. The rope knot door stopper
This stopper might not be important as many people do consider but actually it can play a certain process in holding your door firmly some certain condition. People do have a hard time finding their preferred choice when it comes to rope knot stopper.