Wengie’s Alternative In Crafting The DIY Candy Machine From House Hold Items

There are alternatives in making a diy gumball machine, but most of the method are very costly and time consuming. So today Wengie will show us how to make our own DIY candy dispenser. To make one, you will need any size of an empty cylindrical jar with the lid intact lying around the house, Wengie used a Nutella jar for her gumball machine. Next you need a small bottle cap, a hot glue gun to make sure that everything has a strong adhesive. You will also need a wooden skewer, a spring, an exacto knife and also a small spring. Masking tape and spray paint is optional.

This tutorial will be a very simple one but make sure you take proper precaution when dealing with sharp and hot objects such as the exacto knife and the hot glue gun. First, she trace the cardboard on the template available on her tutorial video, make sure to scale it to a proper size for your jar with intuition. The diameter of the Nutella jar that Wengie used is 8.5 cm if you have a different diameter make sure you alter the size of the template. Next cut accordingly and you will get 3 cardboard pieces and tape sides of the cardboard then spray them which is optional. One large and two small cardboards. If you notice, there is a rectangular inline motif traced on the two pieces of cardboard. Cut them and trace the motif on the lid of the Nutella jar and cut the motif on the lid. Be sure to do this step very carefully as they will be the main construct of your machine.

Next, wengie fold the large piece of cardboard in three equal segments around the Nutella jar and stick them in place with a hot glue gun. Then, she insert the wooden skewer in the middle of the first small cardboard and cut both ends of the skewer. Hot glue the small bottle cap on one end of the skewer which will act as your button whole sieve a spring in the other end of the skewer. Now stack both small cardboard stick the lower small cardboard perpendicular to the jar. All that is left now is to load as many candy as you can into the diy candy machine.